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FMP, Graduate collection:

'A Journey: East to West'

Inspired by my grandmother’s journey from Indonesia to Holland as a young woman, this project explores the idea of cultural hybridity. The collection merges contrasting elements from Eastern and Western cultures and explores how their divergent characteristics can be blended together. The topic of cultural exchange is of particular relevance in today’s political climate of change and uncertainty. Therefore, a primary aim of this project is to encapsulate the beauty of diversity. 


Saturated, warm colours are used throughout the collection, which are inspired by the healthy foliage and busy markets in Indonesia. These are mixed with muted greys and creams which are taken from faded family photographs.  


A key process used in the project is wax-resist dyeing, which is inspired by batik, a traditional Indonesian textile. Wax is applied directly onto the sample and then dyed, which leaves the areas that were covered with wax un-dyed. These artisanal dye processes are juxtaposed with traditional Western silhouettes, such as structured knife pleats, which creates an unusual combination of heritage textiles. This contrast is carried through to the selection of yarns and weights used in the collection: from sheer, hand-dyed silks to dense, un-dyed British wool.  


The combination of Western inspired silhouettes alongside traditional Indonesian dye processes creates a unique collection and represents my grandmother’s journey from East to West.