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I have recently graduated from the University of Brighton with a first class Bachelor’s degree in Textile Design with Business Studies. During my 4 year sandwich course, I specialised in knitwear for fashion, which provided me with a broad understanding of knit stitches, sampling and garment construction.


I am confident using domestic and industrial knitting machines and have traditional embroidery, hand-knit and crochet skills.


During my placement year I experienced the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the industry, sparking my desire to pursue a career in knitwear design.

I am excited by the juxtaposition of the traditional craft of knitting with innovative and modern techniques, fibres and finishes. This is displayed in my Final Major Project: "A Journey: East to West"

in which the theme of cultural exchange was explored through mixing and contrasting elements from Eastern 

and Western textiles. My knitted samples aim to balance the 

artisanal aesthetic of traditional Indonesian textiles with a 

contrasted modernity. 


The topic of cultural exchange is of particular relevance in today’s political climate of change and uncertainty. A primary aim of the work I produce is to encapsulate the beauty of the mix. My knitted designs se bring a contrasting modernity to traditional dye processes; painterly and artisanal elements are juxtaposed with rigid and structured techniques.